Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners Under $300

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Canister vacuum cleaners have their own merits over other types of vacuum, such as upright. They have traditionally been ideal for hard surface floors (tile, wood, stone), and low pile carpet or rugs. However, because of technological advancement, there are now models out there that can deal with thick carpets. Canister models provides increased mobility over […]

Best High-End Upright Vacuum Cleaners


You can trust that high-end upright vacuum cleaners give you the quality of cleaning you’d want for your homes and other establishments that need thorough cleaning. While they do come with very expensive prices, they are worth every penny. But why would you choose an upright vacuum cleaner over that of other designs, such as […]

Best Vacuum Cleaners for the Money


Frustration sets in when a buyer has realized he just wasted his hard-earned money on a lackluster vacuum cleaner. Don’t be that kind of buyer. Look for a machine that does the trick of cleaning quickly and efficiently. Even if this means you have to shell out more money, it will be worth it in […]

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Log Burners


If you have a fireplace or a log burner, you are definitely familiar with this inevitable problem: ashes. To avoid damaging your fireplace or log burner, cleaning it regularly is a must. Using a brush and dustpan, however, won’t be enough and may even create more mess. More than that, using this duo may cause […]

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Under $50


Handheld vacuum cleaners are a great alternative to the larger, much heavier upright and canister vacuum cleaners, especially when you’re only doing spot cleaning. They are small and lightweight, making them easy to handle and move around. This makes them ideal for cleaning a car’s interior, staircases, rugs and other places upright and canister vacuum […]