Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners Under $100


If you don’t have the time to do a thorough cleaning of your home or office, the best way to go is to use a stick vacuum cleaner. A stick vacuum may not be as reliable as full-size upright vacuum, but it is powerful enough to clear crumbs and dirt from the floor. Since stick vacuum […]

Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners Under $200


Stick vacuum cleaners may not have the same level of suction power as that of a full-size upright vacuum cleaner or even a canister vacuum cleaner, they still come in handy in cleaning a house. For sure, there are days when heavy cleaning isn’t in your to-do list, but still you need to keep the […]

Top-Rated Stick Vacuum Cleaners 2015


While stick vacuum cleaners do not have the same level of suction power as that of canister and full-size upright vacuum cleaners, they do have great potential when it comes to helping you keep your home clean between your regular heavier cleaning. They are also economical and very easy to store because of their small […]

Best Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaners


When it comes to convenience in spot-cleaning our homes, there’s nothing better than a bagless vacuum cleaner. You don’t need to put on a bag in the vacuum before you start. You don’t have to buy bags, too, saving you money in the long run. Another advantage of a bagless stick vacuum cleaner is that […]

Best Rated Stick Vacuum Cleaners 2015


While most stick vacuum cleaners don’t have the same suction power of a full upright, they do have features that can fill in the gaps a regular vacuum cleaner would usually leave off. Some are even powerful enough to replace your full upright vacuums. The advantages of these vacuums include easy storage, lightweight, and easy […]