Best Affordable Vacuum Cleaners on the Market


Canister vacuum cleaners, in certain situations, are better than upright models. They provide better suction and generally last longer. The long metal hoses found on canister vacuums work well for cleaning upholstery, stairs and draperies and even reach under sofas and beds. Some canister models offer a hard surface setting that turns the beater bar off, […]

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners Under $400


Dust can trigger asthma and other allergies, and having a dusty home makes the struggle a lot harder for allergy sufferers. And even if you don’t have allergies to dirt, it is still not good keeping your home dirty. This is where a canister vacuum cleaner comes in. But don’t be the kind of buyer […]

Best High-End Canister Vacuum Cleaners


Canister vacuum cleaners are reliable cleaning tools for homes and commercial establishments. They are designed with wheeled bodies where the motor and other attachments are shielded into [this body]. You hold the hose and nozzle to clean. The advatange of this type of vacuum cleaner is maneuverability. With the canister, it is easier to vacuum under tables […]

Best Inexpensive Canister Vacuum Cleaners

inexpensive vacuum

Have you heard it before that sometimes price isn’t always equal to quality? This doesn’t only hold true with unbelievably hefty priced products, but also with low-priced products. When it comes to affordable canister vacuum cleaners, they tend to disappoint in cleaning performance. However, there are models out there that you’re going to get more […]

Top-Rated Canister Vacuum Cleaners for Home

canister vacuum for home

A canister vacuum cleaner is designed with a wheeled body, where the motor and other things are shield into, and the user holds the hose and nozzle to clean. The advatange of this type of vacuum over the upright vacuum cleaner is maneuverability. With the canister, it is easier to vacuum under tables and other […]

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners for Carpets


Why would you choose a canister vacuum cleaner over an upright one? It is for the obvious reason that canister vacuum is much more powerful in terms of suction ability. This is particularly the most important factor in cleaning carpets. Since you can’t use hard brush rolls on carpet, you will need more suction power […]

Top-Rated HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaners


Air pollution outside the home isn’t the only one to blame for asthma and allergies. Dust mites, pollen, pet hair and dander, and mold spores in the air inside the house can also cause health problems if you have allergies. Using canister vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters can help trap these allergens and keep […]

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners for the Money


No one wants dirt piling up in his home, but no one can help them from coming in. Everyday activities will leave crumbs, traces of dusts, food stains and other mess you could think of. Besides the broom and dustpan, there is the vacuum cleaner that makes it easier for us to keep our homes […]