Best Vacuum Cleaners for the Money

Cleanview-LifestyleFrustration sets in when a buyer has realized he just wasted his hard-earned money on a lackluster vacuum cleaner. Don’t be that kind of buyer. Look for a machine that does the trick of cleaning quickly and efficiently. Even if this means you have to shell out more money, it will be worth it in the long run. You wouldn’t want an appliance that is sure cheap but gets broken so easily.

But with so many models and brands offering different technologies, picking the right vacuum cleaner that is worth the price can be a daunting task. To help you out, we listed down the best vacuum cleaners for your money. Check them out below.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Home

The Sebo X4 Extra Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a popular name among home and establishment owners because of its unsurpassed durability and very strong suction power. Among all the upright vacuum cleaners in the market, this machine is arguably the most user-friendly. It features an electronic sensor that automatically adjusts the height of the brush roll. This sensor uses a microchip to measure the resistance of the brush against the type of the floor you’re cleaning. It also has Check Brush warning light that comes on if it runs over too-big materials, such as kids’ toys or a shoe. When the light is on, the vacuum automatically shuts off. Additionally, it has an indicator light for a clogged or full bag.

Sebo X4 Extra is a very ideal cleaning tool for those who have allergies as well. It comes with an S-class filter, which is a European equivalent of the US HEPA filter. The difference between the two is that the S-class filter is superior in airflow, lasts longer and is cheaper. Moreover, the S-class filter is required to absorb over 99.9% of pollen, particles, dust, and other allergens while the HEPA is at 99.97%. Nevertheless, this cleaner gives user the option to work with HEPA filter.

Best Premium Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you have no need for extras  and just looking for the bare essentials in a vacuum cleaner, there’s no other way to go but getting a handheld one. The top-of-the range for this type of vacuum is undoubtedly the Black + Decker CHV1410L. You may be having doubts when it comes to battery. The company listened; this version has a battery upgrade, using a lithium-ion battery instead of nickel-cadmium. The advantage of this is that it can hold more energy, and it offers strong suction and fade-free power. In fact, tests have shown that its suction power is nearly the same as that of upright vacuums.

The nozzle has been upgraded as well. It has been made longer to give users better reach. It is also rotating, so you can get the best angle when you’re cleaning awkward spaces. Surely, this dust buster may be small, but it is powerful enough for a thorough clean.

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner on the Market

It’s handy and elegant that it won’t be an eyesore to anyone visiting your home or even to you who have to see it every time you clean the house. But beyond that is its having a very powerful suction that will answer your cleaning woes.

The Miele S6270 Canister Vacuum Cleaner is really a small powerhouse of a cleaning machine, and it hardly weighs 10 pounds! The machine is designed to retain over 99.9% of allergens to prevent them being thrown back into your home. It is built with sturdy materials to last for many years. It also comes with a long cord and a hose with metal wand, so you can reach rather difficult spaces, such as under the bed and around furniture. You don’t even have to put effort on coiling the cord; with a push of a button, it automatically rewinds. It works great on both carpets and bare floors, thanks to its AllTeQ technology.

The only drawback of the Miele S6270 is its lack of castor wheels, which makes it hard to haul it around and move slowly on carpets. The solution here is to buy an additional attachment that will allow you to clean carpeted staircases with ease. A turbohead is one option.

Best Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka Easy Clean 169B is one of the most popular vacuum cleaners from Eureka for a number of reasons. It doesn’t only have a stylish look that won’t embarrass the vibe of your closet or wherever you put the vacuum in, but also very lightweight that you can easily carry it by one hand from one room to the next. Weighing only about five pounds, it won’t strain your arms even if you have to clean for long hours.

Another feature of the Eureka Easy Clean 169B is its removable handle, which turns the machine into a handheld unit so you can reach elevated and narrow places and deal with dirty spots. Moreover, with the handheld feature, you can clean upholstery and the inside of your car. Instead of dealing with bags, you only need to wash the dust cup filter to be ready to clean the next day. Most of all, what’s important to take note is its affordable price and ability to do a thorough clean. Featuring an on/off brush roll, it can pick up dirt from any surfaces.