Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners for Carpets

asdkgfgguhhhhCarpets are perhaps one of the hardest places in the home to clean thoroughly, but it’s the one that gets dirty really easily. Experts have spoken up. They say that the most effective method of keeping carpeting clean  and making it last a long time is to vacuum it regularly. In fact, they recommend vacuuming at least three times a week, and daily in high-traffic areas. This is why your vacuum cleaner should be designed specifically for carpets because there are certain features that work on non-carpeted floors but not on carpets.

Check out our recommendations below and see which one fits your needs.

 Top-Rated Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass, 9595A is a very versatile vacuum cleaner as it can be used on carpets, stairs, upholstery, and furniture, thanks to its TurboBrush. It also features a OnePass technology that allows the machine to clean more on the first pass, which is unlike other vacuum cleaners that need to pass through surfaces a few times before it can thoroughly clean. It boasts a cyclonic system for its strong cleaning power suction. With its huge size, you can be asssured that it’s lightweight.

This model works great on carpet, too. In fact, its innovative brush design rotates down into carpet, sucking more dirt than ordinary vacuum cleaner on its frst pass. Note, though, that because this vacuum is so powerful, it may pull the yarn right out of an old carpet. This is arguably one of the best all-around vacuum cleaner for the money.

 Top-Rated Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum BH50010 has received excellent scores from a lot of users. They particularly positively rave about its great performance in picking up pet hair carpet, which comes really difficult even for pricey vacuum cleaners. And that’s another bonus for this machine: it’s not even priced more than $200! Added feature is its intuitive controls that allow you to easily transition between carpet and floor setting. Moreover, its battery is removable for charging while the actual vacuum is stored out of sight.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner and Steamer

Sometimes, some of us trust the heavy-duty machine than the mere stick vacuum cleaner. If you are one of these people, you definitely be liking the Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914900. It features the brand’s SpinScrub technology — the rotating brushes groom carpet fibers from all sides to lift away dirt and grime, so you can deep clean carpets and upholstery any time you need to. You can also apply extra detergent with Clean Surge to really get those stains away. It is also built with easy-to-fill dual tanks that keep cleaning solution and dirty water separate. Moreover, it comes with a powered hand tool that puts hard-to-reach cleaning in the palm of your hand: perfect for stairs, upholstery and stains.

Best Inexpensive Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka AS2113A As One Bagless Upright Vacuum is one of the few vacuum cleaners that really deliver what it promises: one that has he proven power to deep clean carpets. It is is engineered with an efficient air path with limited bends and turns. This allows more air to pass through it. Additionally, the path from floor to the filter is decreased, allowing the increase of airflow. The more airflow, the mmore powerful the suction power is. This is particularly great for cleaning carpets, a place that needs suction power more than anywhere else.

There’s an option to use the attachments that come with the vacuum. You simply need to et the suction control dial to ‘tools’, and they’re ready to be used. The floor nozzle features a 5-setting height adjustment switch to clean different carpet types. Moreover, its low-profile nozzle is engineered to reach under furniture. Indeed, this is one inexpensive vacuum but has the power of a high-end one.