Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners for Stairs

61Goa0ACCDL._SL1000_Stairs are the most challenging when it comes to vacuuming. Without the right vacuum tool, you may have to leave out this part of your home dirty. But, of course, that’s not a choice anyone would want to make. So, when buying for a vacuum primarily intended for your stairs, there are a few things to consider first.

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What surface does your stairway have – tile, linoleum, hardwood, or carpeted? How often do you clean your stairs? Do you have pets? The answers to these questions will help you decide what type of handheld vacuum cleaner fits for your stairs. With this in mind, here are our picks.

Best Corded Handheld Vacuum for Stairs

From its name alone, you’d know that Eureka RapidClean Step Handheld Vacuum 41A is specifically designed with stair steps in mind. It is compact enough to fit on stairs. It is also very lightweight and easy to move around, only weighing about 7 pounds. It boasts Eureka’s RapidClean technology that features an on/off brush roll. You can turn it on for carpeted stairs, or turn it off if you have bare floors that need gentler cleaning.

The Eureka RapidClean 41A is equipped with 3-foot hose, 25-foot cord, and a crevice tool, making it possible to reach many areas around the house without switching often to different power outlets. Additionally, this vacuum can also be used to clean your car’s interior.

Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum for Stairs

The Hoover Air BH52160PC Cordless Bagless Handheld Vacuum is the compact combination of the cleaning power of an upright vacuum and the mobility and manueverability of a stick vacuum. This vacuum comes with two interchangeable 25-minute runtime lithium ion batteries, which is very convenient for users who need more than 25 minutes to clean. It is equipped with the Powered Turbo Tool that picks up hair, dirt and other allergens from stairs. Added in the box is a crevice tool that allows you to clean tight spaces, which means this powerful vacuum isn’t just for stairs. And since it is cordless, you need not to worry about tripping over while cleaning.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

A vacuum comes really handy when it does more than you intended it to do. This is the case with the Bissell 33A1 Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum. Besides getting all the dirt on stairs, this little vacuum can also tackle floors, furniture, and even the interior of vehicle. It features two nozzles: one that is made of flexible rubber contour and works well on upholstery and stairs, and the other one is the hard nozzle that deals with dry messes and the interior of cars. It only takes a push of button to switch between nozzles.

At less than 4 pounds, the Bissell 33A1 won’t put strains on your arms no matter how long you have to clean your home. Other highlights include a 16-foot power cord with a cord-wrap system, a filter screen, and a pleated post motor filter.

Best Handheld Vacuum Under $50

Only few handheld vacuum cleaners can live up to its name, and the Dirt Devil The Hand Vac 2.0 SD12000 is one of them. Describing itself as “the power of an upright in the palm of your hand,” it proves that it can really tackle dirt and dust from places full-size vacs can’t reach (such as your stairs). And if you think our first three mentioned vacuum cleaners are already lightweight, this little beast shames them with a 2.8-pound weight! It is because of this and its compact size that you can definitely take it on road trips. The only complaint we have about this vacuum is its inability to deal with bare floors. The brush is intended for carpeted stairs and upholstery.